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SAAA’s credibility compliments ZOU’s brand

Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) has applauded its relationship with the Southern Africa  Association of Accountants (SAAA) through collaboration in the exchange of academic information, publication activities of mutual interests and shared access to information.

The two open and distance e-learning institutions have been working hand in glove with each other supporting and sharing experiences in the development of open and distance e-learning.

With their combined efforts they have articulated SAAA’s Higher Diploma in Accountancy into ZOU’s Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting Honours.

In an interview with BusinessMail, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Law Professor Tavonga Njaya said ZOU holds a very strong and synergetic institutional collaborative relationship with SAAA.

“SAAA’s tentacles are spread across the country and SADC region and so is ZOU’s outreach, the credibility and professionalism of SAAA as a professional accountancy organization and its membership with both the Public Accountants and Auditor Board (PAAB) and Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) have helped to enhance the ZOU brand.

“Since 2012, ZOU has quality-assured SAAA’s examination as and when necessary, and helped to build capacity in research project management, ZOU lecturers coordinate, supervise, assess SAAA dissertations,” Njaya said.

SAAA and ZOU adopted Education 5.0 whose main mandate is teaching, research, community engagement, innovation and industrialisation.

“The first four pillars are adequately covered under the collaboration between ZOU and SAAA, currently, SAAA could be the only professional accounting body that conducts oral examinations for its dissertations which has tremendously improved the quality of research and innovation in accountancy as guided by Education 5.0,” Njaya added.

Aspiring accountants can take advantage of the existing synergies between ZOU and SAAA in order to become practicing General Accountants in a flexible manner.

“Graduates of SAAA’s Higher Diploma in Accountancy are admitted into the third year of the Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting Honors thus providing them with a quicker way of obtaining a degree.

“Likewise, graduates of the Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting Honors who wish to earn a professional qualification will only do some of the courses of the final part of the Higher Diploma in Accountancy, on completion such ZOU graduates will become SAAA members and can automatically register with PAAB for them to practice as General Accountants,” Njaya said.

ZOU will be introducing a Bachelor of Commerce in Forensic Accounting Fraud Investigations Honours which will be articulated with SAAA.

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