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Gvt reviews mining fees

By Amanda Jojo

Government has hiked mining fees by more than 800% in terms of section 403 of the Mines and Minerals Act [Chapter 21:05] pegging the fees against the United States Dollar.

The fees were gazetted under the Statutory Instrument (SI) 144 of 2021 Mining (General) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (no. 24).

An Ordinary prospecting license that was previously pegged at RTGS$1000,00 has been raised to US$100,00 while a Special prospecting license is now going for US$750,00.

Application for revocation of forfeiture is now US$1 000,00, while an application for an EPO (Non-refundable) is now US$2 000,00. Application for a mining lease (Non-refundable) US$2 000,00, application for a special mining lease is now pegged at US$5 000,00 while an application for protection against forfeiture is now going for US$100,00. The minister also pegged an application for a special grant to mine part XX (non-refundable) to US$2 000,00 while duplicate Prospecting License is now going for US$100,00.

Registration as an approved prospector valid for 5 years is now US$4 000,00 and the registration fee for base minerals (Special block) is now US$750,00 while registration for toll elution plants US$1 000,00.

Registration for a special grant – Part XIX is now US$1 000,00 and registration to mine base minerals (Ordinary block) US$400,00 while Registration to deal in Precious Stones (Valid for 5 years) has been pegged at US$20 000,00.

Duplicate Certificate of Registration is now pegged at US$150,00; registration of a mining lease at US$5 000,00; application for registration of precious metal block US$200,00; registration of precious stones blocks is now US$200,00; registration fee for a Site is now at US$50,00 while registration of a special mining lease is now at US$10 000,00.

Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) President Henrietta Rushwaya noted with concern the newly gazetted prices in accordance to the governing SI instrument.
“The fees are too prohibitive for the majority of our miners and are likely to lead to forfeitures and forcing them into illegal mining activities.

“We are treating the matter with utmost urgency and have started engaging The Ministry of Mines and Mining Development,” said Rushawaya.

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