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Citizens step up on water conversation

Zimbabweans draw attention to the water related issues that citizens encounter by observing the save water day on the 17th of every month.

The save water day initiated by Dr Eugene Makaya under the theme theme, “Save  A Litre A Day.”  Zimbabwe can save up to approximately 9 million litres, and the world, up to 4 billion litres of water on daily basis if water conservation is embraced.

In a statement, Dr Makaya said the day brings together  people from all walks of life to take time to think about the future without water.

“This day has come against the effects of COVID -19 pandemic which are still being felt, and it is no longer business as usual world-over.

“As efforts are being made to mitigate against the impacts of the COVID -19 pandemic, efforts should be put to the reduction of the pressure on natural resources especially water,” Makaya said.

He highlighted on other least remembered important uses which include navigation  recreational , hydropower generation, fisheries, and the likes of hydrotherapy.

“The fact that water resources are finite calls for sustainable exploitation and there is overwhelming evidence that water crisis is looming.

“The subsidiarity principle, though practical at the local level, doesn’t find a place in the transboundary water management level. Because water resources availability and challenges do not respect national and regional boundaries, conflicts are inevitable,” he said.

National programs, and protocols, and international treaties are in place they are still non -functional because the water situation is not yet resolved.

“This day comes at a time when Zimbabwe is heading towards summer.

“There is a rejuvenation of water supply systems; dam levels would start rising, and springs bringing forth water closer to the water users,” he added.

He called upon citizens to invest in low-cost rainwater harvesting systems in homes, schools, clinics, and many other places



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