Featured - Infrastructure - November 4, 2020

Gvt set to address huge housing and social amenities backlog

By Staff Writer

THE government have considered approving the Zimbabwe National Human Settlements Policy as this will help address huge housing and social amenities backlog and also bridging the gap between rural and urban areas.

During a Post Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa mentioned that the policy is expected to reduce the high costs of building materials and housing finance.

“All state land earmarked for human settlements shall be managed through the Ministry responsible for National Housing and Social Amenities and the respective Local Authorities for ease of coordination and accountability.

“All Local Authorities will be expected to have Spatial Planning Units manned by registered spatial planners. This Committee and the sub-Council structures will be responsible for development planning, control and facilitation in each local planning area”, explained the Mutsvangwa.

Minister Mutsvangwa added that all productive agricultural land will be preserved as such and to curb settlement sprawl, forty per cent of land for human settlements development will be reserved for the construction of high-rise flats/buildings.

“Cabinet approved the Policy and resolved that social housing for the destitute as well as social institutions for orphans and the aged should be incorporated whenever human settlements are being planned.

“There be a provision for relocating household displaced by natural disasters to planned settlements, e.g. Cyclone Idai victims.

“Title deeds will be provided, where appropriate, for houses on agro-plots.

“Partnerships for financing models be incorporated and social amenities provision encompassing swimming pools, play centers, youth centers and women’s clubs and libraries be incorporated in the Policy”, she concluded.

A committee comprising of Ministers of National Housing and Social Amenities; Finance and Economic Development, and Local Government and Public Works come up with an appropriate financing model to operationalise the Policy.







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