Featured - Technology - December 14, 2020

IAEA, African Energy Chamber encourages Africa to implement nuclear imitative technologies

THE International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the African Energy Chamber have encouraged the implementation of Human Development Application of Nuclear Technology in Africa, Business Mail can report.

Nuclear technology is the technology that involves the nuclear reactions of atomic nuclei. Among the notable nuclear technologies are nuclear reactors, nuclear medicine and nuclear weapons and among other things, these are used in smoke detectors and gun sights.

The Human Development Application of Nuclear Technology focuses on research and development, monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, capacity building, knowledge sharing and education in key areas including preventing and combating zoonotic diseases and addressing climate change.

In pursuing working with the African Energy Chamber and its strong private sector network, the IAEA seeks to introduce new technologies to several sectors of the African market as a means to address the apparent challenges and carry through lasting results.

“We believe the challenges highlighted by the Human Development Application of Nuclear Technology require a fierce urgency of now for the continent to have some of its biggest challenges that have contributed to the slow pace of Africa’s economic growth addressed,” said NJ Ayuk: Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

The Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe (RPAZ) in relation to this recently initiated a decision that all vehicles being imported into Zimbabwe from countries that experienced Nuclear Incidents be inspected for radiation contamination with immediate effect.

“This is a standard practice meant to enhance the safety of the people against possible exposure to radiation and is done for imports from countries that have experienced nuclear disasters,” RPAZ said in a statement.

The African Energy Chamber understands that the private sector has an important role to play in the acceleration of Africa’s growth and is pleased to collaborate with an esteemed agency such as IAEA to explore contemporary solutions to the considerable challenges African countries are faced with.

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