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Liquid telecoms finalizes East to West fibre link

Liquid Telecommunications, Africa’s leader in digital infrastructure, has completed a multi-dollar fibre project which will lay and create a foundation for social mobility, economic diversification and private sector-led growth in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and beyond.

The fibre link is running 2,600-kilometre across the DRC and has been ongoing for the past decade.

Founder of the Liquid Telecommunications, Strive Masiyiwa said the DRC will officially commission the fibre link which runs from the port city of Moanda on the Atlantic through Kinshasa the capital, to Lubumbashi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Cape Town.

“Once in Zambia, the cable joins the Liquid cable that joins the Liquid cable that runs to East Africa and on to Egypt.

It will also create the first crossing of Africa from West to East, by fibre cables. I consider this project one of the most important in my entire 35 year career as an African entrepreneur,” Masiyiwa said.

The project underscores Liquid Telecom’s commitment to bring high-speed connectivity to every African on the continent.

It also meets the growing demand from global enterprises for fast, reliable, high capacity and cost-effective communication across the southern hemisphere.





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