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Loice Matanda-Moyo: The Big Interview in conversation with Trevor

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) chairperson Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo started to bring success in the field of fighting against corruption with only a month in her office.

Loice Matanda- Moyo says she is confident that she will meet the expectations of the public in issues against corruption. “I am quite confident, looking at my background. I have come from a very long way. I rose through the system. I joined the system as a public prosecutor. I have prosecuted before. From prosecution I moved to the civil side of the law and I was in the civil division of the Attorney General’s office and I rose up to the ranks up to the director of the civil division for some time then I moved to be the director of public prosecutions before moving to the bench”, she said in an interview with Trevor Ncube.

Matanda-Moyo says she is determined to lead an effective fight against graft, which she said has become entrenched in various institutions.

Loice Matanda Moyo is married to the Foreign Affairs minister, Cde Sibusiso Moyo and together have a lovely family. “Well, we have got two children of our own. Two boys and one graduated with a degree in software engineering. I have got a sister who passed on in 2004, she left two children, I have taken those in as well. So they are our children, again we are looking after them”, said Loice Matanda Moyo.

Matanda is her maiden name and Moyo is the married name. According to Loice she put a double barrelled name is to show her independence. “I am my own person. I don’t want people to feel that I am owned by anybody that is why the double barrelled name. My father’s name and husband’s name. So that’s it”, she said.

Zacc has in the past been described as a tool used to fight Zanu PF factional wars. However, Matanda-Moyo (LMM) told Alpha Media Holdings chairman Trevor Ncube (TN) in an exclusive interview on the platform: In Conversations with Trevor, that processes were already underway to restore confidence in Zacc.

Loice took over from the former Zacc chairperson, the office was not well-resourced. “I am going to make sure that the office is well-resourced so that it is able to carry out its mandate. I am going to have the personnel trained so that the personnel themselves are able to deal with the matters that come before them. And we are not going to be given any instructions from anywhere. We are our own people. We are going to ensure that Zacc is as independent as expected. That’s how we do our job differently.”, she promised the public.

According to Loice Matanda Moyo her coming in actually insisted in thorough investigations. Corruption should not be fought politically she emphasized. “Corruption is a crime and has nothing to do with politics and anyone can commit corruption irrespective of political affiliation. So let’s not try and politicise the fight against corruption. Let’s fight corruption as a nation. Let’s come together as nation to fight corruption that’s why my message is quite clear to Zimbabwe. Let’s come on board as Zimbabweans and assist each other and fight corruption. Let’s not politicise it because once we politicise corruption, we trivialise the matter”, posited Loice.

Besides being a well-known judge, Loice Matanda- Moyo is also a loving mother and a wife. She perfectly balances that with her career. “I have got time to go to my sons’ schools. I look at their books. I talk to the teachers. I have got time to cook for my family; I prepare the meals once in a while. We have meals together”, she said.

Being married to a minister is not going to be a hindrance to her successes in fighting against corruption. She told Alpha Media Holdings, “I am only married to one person, it’s the Foreign Affairs minister and it’s not the whole executive. And I do not have any relationship with the executive. I do not move in their circles and I am not close to the executive, so I am not going to be influenced by somebody and being a judge I understand what it means to be independent. I take my oath of office seriously. And if you check my record I have never favoured anybody in my dealings and I have been dealing with those cases as a judge on the bench”.

For Loice Matanda-Moyo success will be a reduction in the corruption incidences in the country where we have strong institutions. “We need strong institutions like our judiciary, NPA [and] police force. We all need them to be strong so that they will be able to deal with whatever comes their way, to deal with the scourge of corruption so that our country will even be prosperous and we start seeing investors coming in, as corruption scares away investors. So we will have a better country five years down the line, once we start fighting corruption. I am hopeful that we are going to get there”, she said.

Loice Matanda-Moyo calls for support from the public in order to deliver. “From the public I expect cooperation, I expect those with information to come with the information. I expect the witnesses to come up and testify in court and testify boldly so that we get those convictions that we want. We want to recover the assets from those persons who have robbed the nation of the much wanted resources that we want. I want those members of the public with that information to come forward so that they help me with that evidence so that we recover what is owed to the nation and we put the assets back to public space. We also have the mandate combat corruption in the private sector and I also want the private sector not to offer bribes to the public sector because it takes two to tangle and you find that sometimes it’s the private sector, which actually comes to government and start offering these percentages in companies they say give me this and I will give you 5%.The private sector must stop offering bribes. We must go back to having corporate governance and being accountable, so that we actually nip this corruption in the bud”, she told Trevor Ncube.

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