Featured - Finance - Opinion - December 11, 2020

Spend money with the right attitude this festive

THE NORM has it that the festive season is about spending, giving, sharing, and celebrating with all that we have and all who we are but it all comes back to whether those acts are done with the correct attitude or not.

Having made your annual savings and worked hard to take your family for a vacation or to host a big celebration does not mean that you should not be financially ready for the coming year.

Many people tend to be irresponsible and get over-excited forgetting that there is life after the festive season. The fact is financial literacy is very important.

Being financially informed does not require schooling only, but it also then comes back to an individual’s attitude when they possess money.

Self-discipline and having power over money is paramount. Money should not control how you behave or think and therefore how you spend it should not be impulsive.

Going back to the basics (budget) can save you a lot. Ask yourself how much you want to spend versus what you can afford and also ask yourself these two questions: whom you are doing it for and why?

Spending money out of impulse, pressure, and over-excitement can lead to financial predicaments and therefore give no value to your working hard and savings prior.

Your attitude towards money regulates how you come to financial solutions for immediate situations as well as the future. As things get merrier this festive holiday know what to do and what not to do with your money and avoid financial mistakes.

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