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US$260 million for recuperation of the Beira-Mutare, Maputo-Harare railway lines

Mozambique has injected US$260 million towards the reintegration of the Beira-Mutare and the Maputo-Harare railway lines as well as procurement of four locomotives and 150 wagons to service the routes.

The development follows a ground-breaking meeting between the two countries’ railway parastatals this Thursday.

Miguel Jose’ Matabel the President and Board Chair of Mozambique Ports and Railways, (known as the Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Mocambique – CFM), briefed the media on a range of issues including how to improve the railway network between the two countries.

“Today we discussed starting with the client. We are to receive four locomotives from India and we will send them to Beira to support the business of wheat and chrome to Zimbabwe. We hope that resource will help our fellow country,” said Matabel.

The NRZ board chairperson, Martin Dinha is convinced that the Mozambique railway giant’s investment will go a long way in improving the National railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ)’s trade efficiencies in the two common routes.

“This is a landmark meeting. It was the first ever meeting between the two railway giants. Mozambique is a strategic partner to us. It’s our life line in terms of trade needs. As we improve efficiencies of NRZ we are drawing from efficiencies of our brother to be able to move on. They have committed four locomotives and 150 wagons for the Beira route in an attempt to resolves our gaps” he said.

Currently, NRZ is on a drive to attract investments that will see the parastatal being revitalized and in its strategic plan, NRZ is targeting to increase volumes of cargo transported by railway to 4.2 million tonnes by 2023.


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