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WAU fulfills Presidential Livestock Scheme conditions

Tanyaradzwa Mutizwa (Agriculture Correspondent)

The Women in Agriculture Union (WAU) has commenced the first phase of the piglets pass on program from the pigs they received from the Presidential Livestock Scheme last year.

The programme which saw an initial 10 000 weaners, donated by the largest private pig producer Triple C, being distributed to beneficiaries, and also benefited agricultural colleges, research institutions, security services farms, women and youths among others.

The programme is aimed at boosting food and nutrition security and contributes towards the growth of the economy, the scheme will also position Zimbabwe as one of the leading pig producers in the region.

Under the scheme, an individual got two sows and a boar on a free loan and the pigs will be passed on after the first litter to the next approved farmers.

Speaking at the pass on ceremony in Norton recently, WAU founder and Chairperson Mrs Olga Nhari encouraged the beneficiaries of the scheme to give back and help other farmers.

“It is our duty as women farmers to be each other’s keeper and to keep these pigs well, let us feed them with the right feed so that they stay healthy and also give birth to healthy piglets they will also help the next farmer turn her agriculture venture into a viable business,” she said.

“Due to the covid 19 regulations we could not bring all the beneficiaries here today but we are going to distribute piglets to 90 farmers nationwide which is more than double the amount of the initial beneficiaries of the scheme of 43 farmers,” she said.

Mrs Nhari said they had selected farmers with the capacity to maintain the pigs, had pig stalls in place and also who were WAU card holders for accountability reason

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