Featured - Infrastructure - Local - March 2, 2021

Gvt orders evictions from Chilonga areas for rebuilding dairy project

Government has in a notice ordered evictions of settlements in Chilonga, Chiredzi to make way for Lucerne grass project to be run by Dendairy for rebuilding Zimbabwe’s dairy project.

Chilonga villagers last year when Vice President Chiwenga toured the area, peacefully protested against this idea raising placards resisting government plans to remove them.

However, government last week gazetted the Statutory Instrument 50 of 2021 which designated 12,940 hectares of communal land for the production of Lucerne grass for dairy production and ordered the eviction of locals who strongly resisted the project.

“The area of land described here under in terms of the Schedule shall be set aside with effect from the date of publication of this notice for the purpose of Lucerne production.

Any person occupying or using the land specified in the schedule, otherwise than by virtue of a right held in terms of the Mines and Minerals Act, is ordered to depart permanently with all of his or her property from the said land by the date of publication of this notice, unless he or she acquires rights of use or occupation to the said land in terms of section (9)(1) of the Communal Land Act,” read the notice.

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