Featured - Opinion - February 17, 2021

Border posts closure inconveniences daily Zim trade

CLOSURE of Zimbabwe’s border posts since the recent lockdown extensions from January 2021 has had a significant detrimental effect on the day to day trade activities of cross boarder traders and the economy at large.

Most people and business that run the economy largely depend on trade and having to stop such from running is a huge blow for many independent, indigenous Zimbabweans.

Specifically looking at the closure of Beitbridge and Forbes borders, traders’ business were hit hard since many Zimbabweans rely mostly on these two points of entry for their cross boarder business.

With the poor socio-economic conditions and humanitarian challenges Zimbabwean residents face on a daily basis closure of borders to ordinary travelers exacerbates the situation.

Meanwhile, for their means of survival as cross boarder traders and their resilience in finding solutions for their plight this will force them to try to cross the border against and despite the lockdown regulations.

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