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Bulawayo Chiefs partners Catapult Sports for GPS technology

Bulawayo based football club, Bulawayo Chiefs FC has introduced technology in sports in partnership with a local firm Catapult Sports to use wearable GPS technology for its players.

Catapult is the global leader in athlete analytics, protecting thousands of elite athletes by monitoring player fatigue and physical load through wearable technology that turns physicality into data.

GPS technology in sports allows coaches and medical staff to monitor players’ training impulse. It measures the player’s maximum internal load based on resting heart rate, maximum heart rate and average heart rate during a session.It helps to reduce injury and improve player development.

Speaking to BusinessMail, Thulani Javas Sibanda, Bulawayo Chiefs Media Officer said this is a system that is designed to use GPS to collect performance related data that Sports scientists can use to monitor and review the performance of an athlete.

“We have already started using the technology and everything is going on smoothly as we have the owners of the system assisting and guiding us towards yielding best results and also making sure that everything flows smoothly, ” he said.

This is a welcome development to the team players as they now have a peace of mind knowing that they are now training smarter than just harder.

Using this technology, coaches can also see the distance players cover as well as the load they are putting on their respiratory and circulatory systems. GPS technology in football has helped to reduce injury and improve player development.

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