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Motocross girl maintains stardom

Zimbabwean’s epitome of motor circuit Tanyaradzwa Muzinda got two important wins after competing at the Bartow Motocross Championships Series Round 8 in Florida.

Annually the Bartow Motocross Park runs local events as well as series championship. They have also held other Travelling series races such as 1-4MX Series and the vintage series.

Muzinda raced with boys, in the 125cc Class and came second overall and she was crowned the winner of the Women’s Class.

“It has been way too long but I was able to bring home two important wins during the Bartow Championships Series Round 8. I came a deserved 2nd position in the boy in the 125cc Class and was a big battle for first position and managed to come first in the Women’s Class,” said Muzinda.

After being grounded by the COVID-19 pandemic which halted most sporting activities Muzinda said she was glad to be racing again.

In an interview with BusinessMail, Social Media Coordinator of Bartow Motocross Katy Prevatte stressed that the pandemic indeed affected their 2020 series as they had to shut the track down to become CDC compliant.

“However, it has given us the opportunity to both revamp our trick as well as our series for our 2021 season.

“This year our series is a total of 24 races, with two races being for double points,” Prevatte said.

The best 20 out of 24 races will be counted towards the final. The motocross arena has begun to take focal stage in global events and will come as a much needed deviation in the sporting circles.




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