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Zimbabwe Handball Federation kick starts a level one officiating course

By Shushai Chimusambe

Zimbabwe Handball Federation (ZHF)’s level one Officiating course commenced this week.

The virtual course which started on 23 August will end tomorrow.

Beckezela Ncube the ZHF Playing Rules Commission will be facilitating the course.

“Our key job as the handball Playing Rules Commission (PRC) is to do human development in terms of referees hence the training of referees.

“We are highly hoping that with the vaccination exercise going on, games are likely to start soon so we want every province to have enough referees to take care of the games,” Ncube said.

The course outline includes: Introduction to the Game of Handball, Referees definition and Profile, Handball court, Playing time-Final Signal and Time Out, Fouls and Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Punishments, Who is a good Referee, What do Coaches desire from Referees, Match report and New Rules of the game just to mention a few.

Duration of the course is 5 days with 2 hours online sessions, presentations, videos for practical sessions.

Written test and Practical video test will also be given.

“Our vision as the PRC is to train enough referees in every province.

“Our major aim now is to target those below the age of 18 so that in 3 years or so, they can be able to meet the CAHB standard of officiating so that as a Nation we can have at least one or two pairs of referees in the CAHB panel,” Ncube said.

CAHB is the Central African Handball Body which governs the playing of handball in Africa and is also affiliated to International Handball Federation (IHF).

Zimbabwe Handball Federation previously faced challenges of shortage of female referees and Ncube said that, that is why they want to train more females’ referees and they are working with the women commission in trying to achieve their goal.

Hence 20 ladies and 13 gentlemen have registered for the course.

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