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Rugby aside, I will chase my Olympic dream: Dzandiwandira

Zimbabwean Rugby star, Tadius Dzandiwandira has temporarily abandoned his Rugby career chasing his Olympic dream via the boxing avenue.

Due to the pandemic driven lockdown measures, Zimbabwean sporting activities has been on hold. This greatly affected Rugby sport which has seen no activity for the past year.

The closure of Rugby came as a greatest setback both on the economic and social lives of a number of Rugby players in the nation as there was no training as well as games.

Dzandiwandira has always been a boxer since his childhood and he has always wanted to participate in the Olympic games. He started slacking on his Olympic dream after joining Churchill Boys High which grew in him, the love of the game of Rugby.

In 2012, Dzandiwandira joined the Harare Sports Club Rugby team and this marked his total abandonment of boxing because of the body contradictions of the two sports. Dzandiwandira has been playing in the Zimbabwe National Teams Sevens (Cheetahs) and the 15s side (Sables).

The temporary suspension of sporting activities due to COVID-19 induced lockdown came as a ‘blessing in disguise.’ This prompted Dzandiwandira to shift his focus to his childhood Olympic dream via the boxing avenue and he aspires to participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympic games.

In an exclusive interview with BusinessMail Sports, Tadius Dzandiwandira said he has temporarily lost focus on the game of Rugby as he is now chasing his Olympic dream via his recently established opportunity in boxing.

“I have always dreamt of participating in the Olympic games but am not permanently quitting Rugby, I have just temporarily shifted focus to pursue my dream,” he said.

Dzandiwandira was among the two Zimbabweans who represented the Southern African country-side nation Olympic qualifier in Tanzania and he got a silver medal.

“I lost in the semi-finals. I will put my head on the block for the upcoming tournament in DRC Congo. Hopefully I will attain the points required to get a ticket for the Olympic games,” Dzandiwandira said.

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