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Singer bemoans drug abuse

Inspired by the infamous drug usage, upcoming afro jazz musician Kundaimunashe “Kunkuse” Chikuse  has released a song called “Guka.”

The song is laden with social commentary that speaks volumes on our day-to-day life especially in the wake of the illicit use of a hard drug called Crystal Methamphetamine commonly known as “mutoriro”, “dombo” or “guka.”

Speaking to BusinessMail, Chikuse said the dangerous drug Crystal Methamphetamine has taken a toll on the youths and the toxic substance is slowly ravaging society especially the young in Harare communities.

“What inspired me is what I saw in our community the moral decay amongst some of our youths today. Drug and substance abuse have become prevalent and some are dying due to Guka.

“It is so sad to learn that most of my fellow youths within different societies have gone under the dark drain because of the drug,” Chikuse said.

Since time memorial, music has continued to serve the people with leisure, solace and an avenue for social analysis, with this song Chikuse is hoping to transform lives and impart knowledge upon fellow youths that the road to drug abuse is a pathway to the grave.

“In addition I would like to for those pray those who are suffering from drug addiction, they should also seek immediate help and the gate keepers must help the youth in every way possible.

The soloist who is grounded on the tenets of Christianity also believes that the church has a role to play in fighting the social ills brought about by Crystal Methamphetamine. He furthermore implored youth to resist being idle as idleness to some extent catalyses drug abuse.


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