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Motivational Grid

Geography matters, your actions should not be determined by mass movement. Its no good to be talented but in the wrong place. Its no good to have wisdom when you are in thewrong place. There are many footballers who can do wonders with the ball but are still poor because they are in the wrong place. Where you are matters. Where you are controls your flow in life. People around you rub onto you.

Never go where people decimate you, devalue or underrate you. Go where you are celebrated. Don’t be everywhere. Get rid or get away from negative or toxic people in your life. And getting rid of negative people in your life means you have to pay a high price because it is tough to be polite and keep them around you. Negative people kill creativity.

They squash your dreams. They keep you doubting yourself. They drain your energy and waste your time. Negative people keep you small. Once you manage to get rid of negative people in your life, you will wish you had made the decision many years ago. There are many people who are not going anywhere, they will never let you go.

Life is about endless challenges-confront the situation, do not run away from it. If you don’t confront the challenge, the challenge will confront you.

Watch and prune the kind of friends who hang around you. The first challenge is freedom.

A challenge of wanting to be free, a challenge of wanting to live life the way you want to live. You need to declare freedom but you have to start from the heart, because everything begins from the inside. Freedom is a responsibility. You have to draw the line. It takes accountability. Don’t blame other people, your parents or the government or your relatives.

It’s about starting something and making an effort. Responsibility and accountability is the cornerstone. Anything you can’t do, you avoid it. Freedom is possible. Challenge yourself, see things differently, not what they are but what they could be. Live beyond your imagination.

Everything that you see today was once regarded as impossible. Forget the things that are behind and focus on what’s in the future.

The days of masculinity and power are over, this is the age of wisdom and wisdom cannot be bought.

If you don’t have a vision, you are living dangerously. It is only the dreamers that make it in life. Dream and dream BIG. You will never be arrested for dreaming BIG. It matters what choices you make. Only fighters prevail in this life.

It matters what your attitude is when you are faced with a situation. The progress that each person makes is a measure of how committed they are to their goals. Prosperity has nothing to do with territory, but it has everything to do with you. The greatest victory that you can ever win, is against yourself.

You are greatest enemy. Success has nothing to do with IQ or intelligence but it has everything to do with perseverance. Sticking to your goal like a postage stamp. Don’t settle for average. Hold your dream, don’t let it go. Don’t look yourself in a class of certain people, look beyond them.

It is the little, little things that build us up. Never take anything for granted, even that you will wake up and go to the office tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is not given to anyone, youcan wake up dead tomorrow morning.

Men was not created to be at par with the fishes, animals of the wild, or domesticated animals, men was created to have dominion over everything on earth including money.

When you have dominion, it means that you give directives and everything on earth should listen to your instruction. Do you know why they call the cemetery the richest place on earth? It’s because there are multitudes of people who died with songs they never recorded, books they never wrote or published, and technology inventions which couldchange humanity which they never brought to the market.

Be a doer, I just thought of sharing this with all of you and just maybe someone will be inspired by this article and they will go on to achieve something extraordinary.

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